Of Countable Infinities and Limited Atonement

For some reason many people struggle to understand and accept the traditional doctrine of limited atonement.  Today I would like to show that people struggle with limited atonement because they have not studied mathematics.  Why they fail to accept it is beyond my powers of psychoanalysis (or rather, lack thereof).  So let’s instead focus on the mathematical illustration. Continue reading “Of Countable Infinities and Limited Atonement”


What to Do When You’re Learning Nothing from the Sermon

Unlike you, my dear reader, I am not perfect.  And in my imperfection, I struggle greatly to have humility.  As one excellent example of my lack of humility, I sometimes subconsciously assume that I know everything, which is a gross extrapolation of the fact that I know a lot of things.  Having grown up in the church, I tend to be particularly familiar with the Bible and theology.  I’ve heard countless sermons over the years.  And some passages get preached a lot–the book of Philippians, various passages in Romans, Hebrews 11 and 12, 1 Thessalonians 4, anything in Ephesians, accounts of the crucifixion of Christ, etc.  Just as necessity is the mother of invention, so too is abundance the progenitor of complacency, and familiarity the father of contempt.  Having heard these passages before, I could probably give a fifteen minute sermon myself on many of these passages with no preparation.  I am familiar with the doctrines contained therein.  I struggle, therefore, when I hear yet another sermon with theology that I already know and passages I just heard preached last month.  I struggle to humbly submit to God’s teaching through the preacher.  I’d rather let my mind think about food or politics or gaming or girl(s) or literally anything but the sermon.  You, my dear reader, are of course perfect and do not struggle as I do.  I do not expect you to sympathize with what follows below, but I do hope you’ll at least be amused by my attempt to address my personal weaknesses. Continue reading “What to Do When You’re Learning Nothing from the Sermon”