PSA: How to Read a Hymnal

I attend Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA (aka John MacArthur’s church).  Recently, my church unveiled a new hymnal.  I’ve met a great number of people who had never opened a hymnal before coming to Grace.  There was one time I was having a conversation with a worship leader and mentioned that I sometimes followed the bass line of the four part harmony.  When he said he’d never noticed more than two voices in a hymnal, we realized he’d never noticed that there was music written BELOW the words as well as above them.  As a result, I figured I’d put together this guide to help understand hymnals. Continue reading “PSA: How to Read a Hymnal”


 Why I Deleted Snapchat for 2016

Snapchat: Why I Decided To Delete It

Calvin Hu

Before you throw out all the reasons why I’m taking this way to seriously or that this doesn’t relate to you, let me tell you: I’m not asking you to delete Snapchat. Whether you intend to keep using it, to use it more, or to use it less, is up to you. But I’m giving you the reasons why I found it detrimental to my life and how it began to feed into my own selfish desires. Continue reading ” Why I Deleted Snapchat for 2016″