Some Summer Reading, Part III: Calvin’s List

It’s summer! School is out and the weather’s great. For most of us, what we would like to do is curl up in a little ball and spend our time in bed with our best friends Youtube and Netflix. For me, I would consider myself part of that population. I love to lounge around with friends and watch random videos in groggy hot weather. But while it’s okay to relax for a while, we need to be careful that our relaxation doesn’t turn into idleness or laziness, for the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16). Let’s let this summer be fruitful and not go to waste! As for the books that I will be going through, here is my summer reading list:

Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin – A must read for anyone who is serving on or leading a worship team. For musicians, sometimes worship practices and worship itself becomes routine and we forget why and who we are worshipping. We get so involved with our own tasks that we often take the glory for ourself, whereas our lives should be a mirror, reflecting the glory back to God Almighty. This book is something I would recommend those who have read it to re-read it and refresh themselves of our roles as those who lead the congregation in worship.

The Master Plan for Evangelism by Robert E. Colemann – A book given to me by my discipler that I have yet to read (heh sorry David). The premise of this book is given away by the title. Essentially, it presents evangelism in a different light – reminding us of why and how we should be evangelizing in the first place.

Finally Free by Heath Lambert – “For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor…” (1 Thess 4:3-4). A book that has been highly recommended to me by multiple people in my life to be one of the best books to fight lust and sexual sin. During the summer, it is the most dangerous time to slip and make a mistake. Summer clothing is usually revealing and we’re often times left alone in our rooms. If anything, summer is the time were sexual sin and lust would be the greatest temptation! If your’e planning your summer reading list, I highly recommend that one of those books be about fighting sin in this area!

The Prayer of the Lord by R.C. Sproul – This was one of the books that was given to my dad as part of the Shepherd’s Conference pack. It goes through the entire Lord’s Prayer and shows how Jesus meant his words not to be recited in a rote fashion, but rather, a precedent for how we should pray. This summer, as many of my friend are off to other parts of the world for short term ministry trips, it is important that their church family back here is praying for them and supporting them all the way. If we are not going on missions, we should be sending and supporting!

The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent – This is another book that was given to me by a close friend. It essentially takes important truths from all parts of the Bible and places it topically into condensed, yet weighty, chapters. My favorite thing about this book is that half of this book is writing, while the other half is footnotes; these footnotes are filled with all the bible verses that the writing is referenced from. I would recommend this for anyone at any stage of life.

Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem – A mighty feat! It’s thick cover has always been intimidating and I’ve tried many a time to read through the whole thing. But after a whole year of small group leading, I’ve been humbled so many times about how little I know about all the intricacies of the Christian faith. There’s honestly so much that I don’t know that I want to learn about. My goal for this book is not necessarily to finish it by the summer, but to slowly chew and digest the important points and truths that it presents for me.

Hope you enjoyed the list of books that Grant, Chris and I will be reading this summer. What is your reading list? Please share with us! We would love to know! 🙂


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